VIGC assist companies in the – often very difficult – process of innovation. It has 4 types of activities:

Trend watching: identifying opportunities and threats is the first step to innovation. VIGC visits conferences and exhibitions on a regular basis. Doing this, we can detect new technology, changes in the market very fast. And we share these findings with our members. We publish them in our magazine ‘Eye Opener’, we bring them in seminars and in ‘live coverage’ that can be found on our sister site

Seminars: VIGC offers seminars of different topics. The goal is always to give people a good basic or in depth knowledge on the subject. We don’t offer product trainings; we focus on the technology underneath. Examples are introductions in graphic technology, in color, in JDF, in PDF, in digital photography. These seminars are giving on a regular basis, but only in Dutch. We can give these seminars as an in house training in English.

Unbiased advice: VIGC provides unbiased advice on innovation in printing companies, prepress houses, and publishers. Because VIGC is not a sales agent of any company, we can guarantee an unbiased approach to these kinds of projects. The focus of our advice is on efficiency gains in all processes in the communication supply chain.

Networking: the fourth pillar of our activities is networking. VIGC has two networking initiatives: an experts network, which brings experts from within the industry together to discuss technical topics, and a visionary network. In this network VIGC questions large print buyers to see how they look at the printing industry and to see how they see their needs for printing evolve over time. The findings of both networks are shared with our members.


Strategic partners of VIGC: