Tablets and color: how accurate are they?

We've heared the story already several times: people who are using their iPad as the reference, the 'contract proof' for a print job. Which is not a good idea. The pictures below show why: the quality of the screen of a tablet can vary a lot. To be clear about the pictures: we've put all the tablets next to eachother and they were photographed all at once. It shows the relative differences between the displays.

Also, ICC color management is not supported by the two main tablet OS systems: iOS (Apple) and Android (Google). Only Windows RT supports ICC color management, the same way as the full Windows OS does. You can check te support of ICC color management yourself with the following HTM-file and PDF-file, provided by the International Color Consortium.

So please, be cautious when using a display as the (ultimate) reference...

VIGC has written several articles on tablets and color, but these are only accessible for VIGC members.


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