Contact details

Here are the details if you want to contact VIGC:

Postal address:
Campus Blairon 5
2300 Turnhout
Telephone: + 32 14 40 39 90
Fax: + 32 14 40 39 91


Route description:
If you use a navigation device, please enter 'Steenweg op Gierle 100', not 'Campus Blairon 5': the street name has recently changed and might not be recognised yet.

  • E34 - Antwerpen - Turnhout - Eindhoven Exit 23, Turnhout West.
  • Head towards Turnhout, continue on this road.
  • Cross the ringway, keep going straight. This is the ‘Steenweg op Gierle’ where VIGC is located.
  • About 500 meters further on to the left side, you drive through the entrance of the large building

You can also download our itinerary (address/map) in PDF.


The VIGC-team consists of following persons:
Eddy Hagen, managing director, trend watcher and CIP4 JDF Certified expert
Fons Put, senior innovation consultant
Carl Van Rooy, senior innovation consultant and CIP4 JDF Certified expert 
Didier Haazen, senior innovation consultant
Steve Verniers, innovation consultant
Ils Bols, secretary

Strategic partners of VIGC: