InfoTrends and VIGC Launch In-depth QR Code Guide

Quick response (QR) codes are the most recognized type of mobile code due to their prominent use in marketing, advertising, and media versus other mobile codes. Although awareness and adoption of mobile codes is growing, there are a number of challenges associated with mobile code interaction related to phone functionality and mobile application availability. In conjunction with the Flemish Innovation Center for Graphic Communications (VIGC), InfoTrends has launched How to Be Successful with QR Codes in order to understand QR code usage among consumers, QR code adoption of marketers and QR code experiences of print service providers.

“The biggest issue with QR codes today is that they are not always scannable,” said Eddy Hagen, director of VIGC. “To a large extent, those issues can be avoided by using proper guidelines that we have developed based on our tests. Another big issue is that many QR codes link to websites which are not mobile optimized, presenting a bad user experience.”

How to be Successful with QR Codes provides print/marketing service providers, marketing departments, or any organization that wants to create professional QR codes a comprehensive, 3rd party analysis of QR code implementation. It provides a technical tips and tricks tutorial, including recommendations on resolution, color, size, and other best practices such as the need for mobile optimized sites and URL shorteners to track usage. It also offers to-the-point case studies of QR code campaigns as well as examples of poor QR placements versus nicely designed codes.

“This QR code guide is without doubt one of the most in-depth QR Codes out there”, says Kaspar Roos, Associate Director with InfoTrends. “At InfoTrends we have a wealth of research knowledge on mobile codes and linking it with the technical expertise of the VIGC gives a unique, international flavored guide that helps companies across all sizes and industries jump on the QR code opportunity.”

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Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Mobile Codes Explained
  • Mobile Code Adoption
  • Print Service Providers
  • Marketers and Mobile Codes
  • The Consumer Profile
  • Barriers and Challenges of Interacting with Mobile Codes
  • Adoption of Smartphones and Market Share
  • QR Code Success Stories
  • QR Code Tips & Tricks
  • QR Code Software Providers
  • Testing Mobile Codes
  • In-Depth Discussion of Test Results
  • How NOT to do QR Codes
  • QR Design Codes
  • InfoTrends’ Opinion

List of Tables

  • Table 1: QR Code Applications and Examples
  • Table 2: Which of the following types of media have you seen mobile codes placed on in the past 12 months?
  • Table 3: QR Code Test Resolution Matrix
  • Table 4: QR Code Types, Storage Capacity, and Minimum Size
  • Table 5: QR Code Size Distances
  • Table 6: QR Code Technology Providers
  • Table 7: Tested Mobile Devices
  • Table 8: Tested Scanner Apps by Mobile Device
  • Table 9: Tested QR Creation Software Tools
  • Table 10: Overall Test Results QR Code Creation Tools – Success Rate
  • Table 11: Overall Test Results – Success Rate

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