VIGC Max TAC ICC-profiles

The ICC profiles that we have used for the VIGC Max TAC Evaluation Kit are available FOR FREE! The advantages for the printing industry are so huge that we want to stimulate the use of them in any possible way, which means a free distribution... Despite the investments that we did in the research, the development of the profiles.

There are profiles for ISOcoated (FOGRA39) and ISOuncoated (FOGRA47) and this both in ICC v2 as ICC v4. For each of them we have 4 different TAC values (total area coverages): 220%, 260%, 300% and 320%. The profiles were generated with X-Rite i1 Publish. In the download you will find more information on this. 

The profiles were thoroughly tested upfront, e.g. with the VIGC50 XCS and with other images. To get the best rendering possible, we have choosen to use relatively big profiles (compared to older profiles), the bigger the tables, the more accurate the rendering is. But with the evolution of processing power and the cost of memory in mind, that should not be a problem, the advantages are bigger than the disavantages. Plus: in a PDF/X-4 RGB workflow the conversion to CMYK is done at the end, you can keep everything in RGB untill that very end. Yes, we have done tests with that and with recent software, recent equipment it is feasible. If you use the right settings. We do have specific trainings on that. 

Download the VIGC Max TAC ICC profiles today! They can save a lot of money...

Update 02/2012: if you have your doubts about are profiles, please read this evaluation by an UK-based consultant. And yes, he confirms that the results are for real!

Update 06/2012: there was minor error in the profiles, there was no default CMM defined. This is updated.

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