VIGC Output Essentials for Adobe InDesign, Photoshop

Update 19/6/2014: the InDesign CS6 panel is compatible with Adobe InDesign CC 2014. However, there is a problem in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014: it will not load panels (more info in this thread).

Update 26/06/2013: the CS6 panels are compatible with Adobe CC!

Update 27/04/2013: there were some minor errors in the 'tooltips', these were updated.

Update 10/11/2012: read the review at 'powerful new tool', 'extremely useful', 'extremely important tool'. These are the words of Mike Rankin, an InDesign expert!

Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop are really powerful tools. But sometimes it becomes difficult to find the right tools. It takes multiple mouse clicks, in different places. Because some functions are really important, even essential for a consistent output, VIGC has assembled two custom panels for InDesign and Photoshop (both CS5 and CS6/CC). These custom panels, which are available for free, will help designers to create correct documents, without a hassle.

The VIGC Output Essentials panel for Adobe InDesign defines two different workflows: one for EPUBs, web and tablet publishing and a second one for print and 'hybrid' documents. The panel itself is devided in 5 steps: 

  1. loading preflight profiles and export presets
  2. basic settings for documents, e.g. color settings, overprint preview, bleed
  3. preview of documents
  4. checking documents, e.g. the preflight function in Adobe InDesign, but also a check on local formatting (which is essential for EPUB) and finding images with an ink coverage that is too high
  5. export/packgage, with e.g. export to EPUB, to print ready PDF or creating a 'package' with the package function.

A number of functions are specific for one of both workflows, some others are identical for both.

Next to the panel for Adobe InDesign, the VIGC has also designed a smaller panel for Adobe Photoshop. This gives direct access to several functions related to color and color management.

Go to the download!

Here you can see the different parts of the VIGC Output Essentials for Adobe InDesign (CS5 and CS6/CC).



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