VIGC50 eXtreme Color Suite (XCS)

The VIGC50 XCS (eXtreme Color Suite) is a new test suite for color management. And not just another color test suite: the images from other test suites are either rather old, or mainly studio images which were taken specifically for the test suite, usually with very balanced colors. That approach has its advantages, but also disadvantages. The VIGC50 XCS is different: we searched for 'real life' images where color management goes wrong. To show the limitations of color management, to show the areas where color management could be improved. And that is unique.

"The range of images is impressive, they cover a wide range of photo sutiations, both in regard to colour variety, and dynamic range (shadow v highlight et cetera)." (Paul Lindstrom, Digital Dots)


Color is one of the core competences of the VIGC, multiple VIGC consultants have been active with color for ages. We have consulted many companies, educated many people in this complex matter. And that's why we are always looking for interesting images to show the working and the limitations of color management, to test color management. During one of our tests, with several free available ICC-profiles all based on the same 'characterisation data set’, we noticed that the known test suites didn't really show big differences, but when we took some real life pictures with extreme colors, we saw big differences. These encouraged us to go and look in our private archives, containing about 100 000 images, and select those images that had 'interesting' conversions: the VIGC50 XCS was born.


No 'nice' studio images
From our extensive collection of pictures, eventually we selected 50 images. These were taken during a time period of six years, with different digital cameras, of different generations. The pictures were not taken with color management in mind, they are 'real life' pictures.

There are a lot of colorfull pictures, taken at events, next to landscapes and images of people with different skin tones. Most of them are encoded with AdobeRGB, but some also with sRGB and one with ProPhotoRGB. That is by choice: to get a realistic mix of images. Most images are available both in 8 and 16-bit.

The documentation that comes with the VIGC50 XCS shows what each image can be used for: coated profiles, newspaper profiles, rendering intents. That makes the VIGC50 XCS also an excellent educational tool.

Differences between profiles
The VIGC50 eXtreme Color Suite reveals the following differences between the profiles:

  • Blue regularly becomes purple
  • Yellow sometimes acquires a green tone, colour inversion with specific light-yellow tones
  • Red sometimes becomes magenta, and sometimes orange
  • Skin tones sometimes become more yellow
  • Black sometimes acquires a blue tone

The price for the DVD with all the images and the documentation is 295 euro (excl. VAT, when applicable, and excluding shipping costs, prices October 2011). Shipping costs are: 7,5 euro for Europe, 8 euro outside Europe.
Payment can be done by PayPal, with all mayor credit cards. After ordering you will receive an e-mail for the payment via PayPal.

VIGC3 XCS: free taster!
Next to the complete, for pay test suite, we also offer a FREE taster! Three images were selected - red, green and blue - which can be downloaded for free. But, it is only a taster: the complete VIGC50 XCS contains images with many, many more colors!

Order the complete VIGC50 XCS!

Or download the limited VIGC3 XCS!



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